Post: Window Graphics – Choosing the Right Material

Window graphics are an eye-catching way to promote your product or service. Your vehicle windows or business storefront can be used to enhance advertising for a one-time cost.

To get started in choosing the right window graphics, you’ll need to consider how much light, if any, you want coming through the window or if the windows are tinted. This will help determine which side of the window to install the graphics on. Next, how long will this graphic be on the window and consider who may be installing the graphic.

Vinyl window graphics can be opaque, translucent (perforated to allow light in) or transparent. They can also have permanent or removable adhesive. The following is a summary of the different options for window graphics:

Opaque Vinyl

Opaque film lets no light through at all. This is useful when trying to block out a window, and is installed on the viewing side of the window. In some cases double sided to see from both sides.

In order to attain opaqueness, these films are typically made with a black or gray adhesive layer. This allows the light on the graphics to reflect back to the viewer, achieving a vivid, colorful image on a window. If you prefer that the image appears on both sides of the window, then the graphics would need to be applied to each side of the glass.

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Perforated Vinyl

Perforated window film (window perf.) consists of tiny holes that are spaced in even intervals across the face of the vinyl surface. The different perforation patterns allow various amounts of natural light to pass through without completely obstructing vision from those on the opposite side of the window.

Window perf. can be applied on the glass areas of vehicles and storefronts. The film can be mounted on the inside or outside of the glass. On one side you see the full graphic image, and on the other you can see through the black surface full of holes.

Different types of perforations are available for various applications:


Transparent Vinyl

Transparent or clear film can be a better option than printing on white film, as the film can be adhered to the inside of a window. The image is printed face down with a white backing sheet or white ink as the topmost layer. The adhesive is on the face of the graphic, so when it’s applied to the glass from the inside, it will be visible from the outside and not block the interior light.

This type of film is a good choice for colder climates. Since graphics can’t be mounted on cold glass, choosing a film that can be installed on the inside of a window makes sense.

Other options of transparent films include:

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Which type of window graphics will work for you? Gillespie Graphics can help you determine which option is best suited for your needs. Please contact our Customer Support Team to get started: