Transit Graphics: Mobility Graphics for Our Communities


Building the transit segment of our business into an award winning partnership came from our dedication to carrying forward the Gillespie Graphics tradition of building relationships.

We recognize that our job is not just building our relationships with our customers, but helping you build your relationships with your customers. You’re getting the benefit of our most powerful commodity every time we complete a project for you.

“What we strive for:  a sincere dedication to making the product right for the client on all levels”
— Tim Gillespie, Sales

HOW WE DO IT: Our Expertise

Transit agencies use our products to build strong alliances within their communities. Our real job is to create colorful, eye catching and durable graphics which instill pride throughout a locality and increase public transportation ridership. It is a natural fit with our corporate sustainability program to be part of reducing the carbon footprint outside of our own neighborhood too.

WHAT WE DO IT WITH: Our Partnerships

Gillespie’s goal is to assist a transit agency promote its brand, services and community everywhere their vehicles travel. By listening and gaining an understanding about a district’s culture and lifestyle, we can help capture those interests with appealing, unique designs that successfully build fixed route and dial-a-ride operations. Gillespie’s innovative approach and artistic touch, combined with the latest digital technology, 3M Company premium vinyl films and professional installers offer a complete package.

Public Transportation Agencies exist to help people get from one place to another, eliminate congestion and preserve the environment at the same time – we enjoy being part of that. Many transit agencies have chosen Gillespie because we enjoy what we are doing and they keep coming back because they like the results.



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