Post: The Cost of Fleet Advertising

When looking at the cost to promote your company or brand, fleet and vehicle graphics are the most cost-effective form of advertising. Whether you have one car or 1,000 trucks in your fleet, you can reach a large number of consumers just by being seen.

Your vehicle is a mobile advertising tool, and you already own the tool. Why not use it to maximize brand awareness with large, full color advertisements? Your message works for you wherever you go, and where billboards can’t go – from driving down the highway to residential neighborhoods.

Fleet graphics offer the lowest cost-per-impression value compared to any other form of advertising medium, and are a one-time cost as opposed to a monthly fee. Consider this summary of advertising costs:

Microsoft Word - Table

Your vehicles have the power to make a valuable impression on customers. According to a 2009 Arbitron National In-Car Study, American drivers spend nearly three hours a day in their cars. Another study by American Trucking Associations found that even one intra-city truck with graphics can generate up to 16 million visual impressions in a year.

Gillespie Graphics has the expertise to turn any vehicle into a mobile advertisement. We can coordinate graphics installations anywhere in the country. We print on a wide variety of materials to fit every need, and every truck, van, bus, car or trailer. Are your vehicles on the road at night? We can use reflective material that will be visible 24 hours a day. Do you need a short-term ad campaign, or a long-term advertisement? We can help!

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