Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

Investing in the Future

We are part of a community here at Gillespie Graphics. We have an important role to play as leaders in our industry, and we take the business of sustainability seriously. At our corporate headquarters in Wilsonville, Oregon, we continue our long tradition of being responsible to each other, to our customers, to our suppliers and to our planet.

We use the best practices and products available to reduce the use of resources,  recycle whenever possible and improve our energy efficiency. We cultivate a corporate culture that values contributing to our community in a variety of ways, as individuals and collectively as an organization. We do this because it makes good sense for our community, which also means it makes good sense for our business.

Our Policy

Gillespie Graphics is committed to thoughtful and active consideration in regards to people, the environment and business responsibility.

Our commitment to these areas leads Gillespie Graphics to commit to the following principles:

We are committed to complying with and exceeding where possible, all applicable environmental, health and safety regulations.We are committed to the continuous improvement of our operations, always striving for greater safety, sustainability performance, and reduced environmental impact. Each year, we will identify and undertake at least one significant continuous improvement project, relating to sustainability. Our progress will be measured and our success reported publicly, at least annually.

We are committed to reducing and preventing pollution by reducing the resources we use, recycling, and thoughtful design where possible.

We will engage our customers and encourage the use of printing substrates made with recycled and/or recyclable materials when and where possible.

We will continually monitor our business practices to insure efficient use of energy resources.

We will help foster partnerships among stakeholders to find practical solutions to challenges, and resolve to inform stakeholders of sustainability efforts. Protecting people and the environment will be part of everything we do and every decision we make.

We will achieve our goals through:

Employee Training
Community Awareness / Involvement
Exploring Alternative Technologies
Working With Responsible Suppliers