Post: Screen printing in the age of digital

The screen printing process has been a successful printing technique for decades, but why is it still a practical choice for printing in this age of digital? Depending on the graphic design, substrate and size of the order, it can be a faster and more affordable printing option than digital. Gillespie Graphics offers all of the printing options you need for a colorful, long-lasting product.

Screen printing uses a mesh stencil to apply ink to the image one color at a time. One screen is used per color of ink, with each color being screen printed until the image is complete. The ink that is applied can be thicker than in digital printing, resulting in a more durable ink. The colors can be individually mixed to get an exact match, and create colors that are sometimes unachievable by printing with digital inks. The ink can adhere much better to specialty plastic and metals. This makes screen printing an ideal option for safety labels, fleet graphics and plastic signage.

Additionally, screen printing is sometimes faster and more cost-effective than digital printing when it comes to larger quantities.

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Both screen printing and digital printing begin at the computer, where the artwork is created. In digital printing, the design can be printed directly onto the substrate, typically though an inkjet device with either UV, latex or solvent-based ink. Gillespie Graphics has all three varieties. Depending on our customer’s goal for eco-friendly materials, specific application or substrates, we can match up which ink is the best choice. We can also print photo quality, large flat rigid plastic, and/or medium to lower quantity production runs.

No matter what your printing needs, Gillespie Graphics has over 90 years of experience in the printing industry. We can help determine whether screen printing or digital printing is the right method for your project. Our art department is skilled at creating and editing artwork to produce the right design for your project. As the printing processes have changed through the years, we have adapted and updated our machinery to always have the right equipment and technology for the right job.

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