Fleet Graphics: Branding for the Road


Fleet graphics are one of the strongest marketing tools a customer can use to increase awareness of their brand and product. At Gillespie, our experienced team manages every fleet installation from start to finish. Whether you want a wrap that lasts for one day or eight years, we take the time to ensure you receive the full service that we are known for.

We can coordinate fleet installations anywhere in the country. We can create your art or advise the fit and shape to your vehicles for smooth, vivid imaging. We can pick up and return vehicles, or take installation to your doorstep. You’ll keep your vehicles on the road and generating positive impact for your business with our impeccable fleet graphics.

“We can coordinate fleet installations anywhere in the country”
— Alisa Cook, Sales

HOW WE DO IT: Our 3M™ Advantage

With the ability to coordinate fleet wrap and graphics installations anywhere in the country, we help our customers add powerful mobile advertising strength to their brand and products. We are the only authorized 3M Scotchprint manufacturer in Oregon, and have been for over 60 years. With the 3M reputation and warranty behind us, you can count on vivid graphics that will last for your fleet, whether you have 1,000 trucks or two.

With our expertise in installation, your graphics will lay down exactly as they should, around moldings, mirror, handles and bumpers. With our experience, we get your graphics produced and installed quickly so you are promoting your brand on the road.

WHAT WE DO IT WITH: Our Research & Data

A single intra-city truck with graphics can generate up to 16 million visual impressions in a year. (source: The American Trucking Association) A study by ad agency RYP & Becker Group found that:

  • 97% of survey respondents recalled the ad on the truck.
  • 98% thought the ads created a positive image of the advertiser.
  • 96% thought fleet graphics had more impact than billboards.



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