Post: Community art sculpture

When SMART Transit sought help from the community of Wilsonville to create a piece of public art for their new fleet headquarters, they turned to Wilsonville High School.  They worked with WHS art director Christopher Shotola-Hardt and local artist Jesse Swickard, along with high school students Yovani Vidal and Armando Lopez.  Both Vidal and Lopez will receive school credit for their participation in this community art project.

Shotola-Hardt created six original paintings that would be placed atop the 15-foot high stainless steel and aluminium sculpture.  After noticing the graphics on one of the SMART buses, they had the idea of converting those paintings into decals.  They came to Gillespie Graphics with the concept, and we brainstormed together and advised on how to create the digital art and the metal panels the images would be mounted on.

After the original artwork was produced to our specifications, we set up the production artwork and digitally printed the graphics for the panels.  We had the graphics installed to the six individual panels prior to the overall installation of the art piece.

The group named the sculpture El Viento, which is Spanish for “the wind.”  Not only is it nature-themed, but it also incorporates elements of transportation and Wilsonville history, such as the Old Town Methodist Church and the Town Center brick monument sign.  El Viento was also designed to be kinetic, allowing the wind to freely move the sculpture around.

El Viento is located at the SMART fleet headquarters on Boberg Road in Wilsonville, near the transit center.  We were happy to donate our services and be a part of this community work of art!

Gillespie Graphics Community Art Sculpture (1) Gillespie Graphics Community Art Sculpture (2)