Congratulations Gillespie Graphics employees! May 6th will mark a milestone 5,000 days without a lost time injury.

Special thanks to our current (Ed Ross, Kriss Jewell, Lora Meng, Destin Henderson, Todd Sanders and Sam Tilley) and past committee members for leading the charge against workplace accidents and injuries at our monthly safety meetings.

At Gillespie Graphics we are always looking to increase employee involvement, training, and awareness of safety. That’s why our safety committee is always ready to recruit new members while we regularly review all of our equipment, survey the work environment for hazards, and offer the training to make sure every member of the Gillespie family is an expert in their field.

o what’s next? Well, we have a lot of new members to our team and the signup sheet for first aid training is making the rounds, because accidents happen, and even if it’s only every 5,000 days it never hurts to be prepared! Just remember. Safety takes all of us!

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Here at Gillespie Graphics, we put a conscious effort into limiting our footprint on the planet. That’s why it’s our constant goal to improve on our sustainability program while offering a variety of new and exciting eco-friendly print solutions!

2016 was a big year for reusing and recycling! Not only did we recycle, reuse and refurbish while we upgraded some equipment but in the month of April alone we’ve recycled 10 pallets of assorted materials weighing up to 300 lbs each! This includes but is not limited to plastic jugs, boxed end caps, and cardboard cores, as well as styrene that will be melted down and used to produce new sheets.

Our efforts go far beyond what gets left on the cutting room floor, however, and what you use is just as important to us as what we reuse. From fully recyclable rigid boards to non-PVC eco-friendly vinyl, we are fully stocked to take your green message on the road. Don’t believe us? Just check out the Gillespie Graphics Company car, Which is fully wrapped in our Envision Print wrap film, an eco-friendly non-PVC film with the versatility and innovation of 3m films.

At Gillespie Graphics we aim to leave our mark on the community, not the planet. Contact one of our sales representatives now to find out which eco-friendly solution is right for you!

Wesley Smith


Wesley Smith

Wesley Smith

Gillespie Graphics is proud to recognize Wesley Smith for his Thirty years of hard work and dedication to the company. Wes began his career with Gillespie Graphics back on December 2nd 1985 and has worked in several different areas of the organization. Still going strong today, Wes is the go-to-guy and the backbone of the finishing department.

New ECO-Friendly Wrap Material


We recently wrapped the Gillespie Graphics company car with a new Eco-Friendly wrap film, This film is versatile enough to wrap everything from vehicles to trailers to boats to textured buildings. It is an environmentally friendly option to offer those looking for a greener solution. This film goes beyond just being non-PVC, with a breakthrough boost in performance in addition to the innovations of 3M films IJ180Cv3 and IJ380Cv3.


Contact one of our sales representatives and find out if the Envision Print Wrap Film is right for your next project!


Season’s Greetings!

For the 2014 holiday season, our team at Gillespie wanted to utilize some of our newest printing and finishing equipment to make a holiday greeting sign that would be displayed in our lobby and shared electronically with our clients and business partners.

We began the project in our art department by designing and engineering the artwork. At the front end, we also tried to anticipate any challenges that might come up along the way in order to make sure that the final piece would be produced and constructed as precisely as possible.

Our printing department then fired up our digital flatbed press to print all of the custom-designed parts directly to a sheet of white, 3-millimeter PVC material. For the background, we printed on 6-millimeter PVC for a more stable base.

Our finishing department took the reins next. They used our router table to cut each of the sign elements to shape, as well as to drill pre-positioned bolt holes that would guide the assembly process.

Finally, we started constructing the sign using custom-made stand-offs to build up each of the individual layers. Some of the larger layers were reinforced with standard bolts and nuts for better durability.

We then photographed the sign and, after some prep work, e-mailed the photograph to all of our clients and business partners as a holiday greeting. We hope you enjoy it!

By clicking the image above, you can watch a quick video we produced showing the creation of the sign! The original piece will be on display in our lobby until the end of the year.