Post: Authorized UL Label Supplier

Did you know that Gillespie Graphics is an Authorized Label Supplier for Underwriters Laboratories® (“UL”)?

We are proud to be a member of the UL Authorized Label Suppliers Program. We can produce labels with the UL Mark for UL certified products, and we offer an assortment of solutions for OEM and UL labels to meet our customers’ needs.

UL is an independent safety science company that is committed to testing and certifying products to meet rigorous safety standards for both commercial and consumer use. To ensure that the products are produced with safety in mind, only UL certified printers are allowed to print the UL Mark, and these printers are held to a certification, verification and artwork approval process.

We utilize a variety of UL recognized materials, and can print on virtually any material, including: aluminum, mylar, polycarbonate, plastic, polyester, vinyl and tamper-evident materials. We are also happy to assist you with the approval process for any new label constructions that have not yet been submitted.

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